10 Tableau Timesavers – Tips and Tricks (Part 2)

Ever wonder how to become faster at Tableau but don’t have time to read every Tableau blog? Or maybe you wish there was an easier way to do some tableau stuffs without wasting your precious time? This article is a monthly list of 10 tips or tricks you can use in Tableau that takes less than 5 minutes to learn. These tips will help you save time, expand your knowledge, and will generally impress your friends / supervisor.


Tableau for Marketing: Become a Segmentation Sniper

Do you know that Netflix has over 76,000 genres to categorize its movie and tv shows database? I am sure this must be as shocking to you as this was to me when I read about it first. Genres, rather micro-genres, could be as granular as “Asian_English_Mother-Son-Love_1980.” This is the level of granularity to which Netflix has segmented its product offerings, which is movies and shows.


Schedules and Subscriptions in Tableau

Subscribe to a view to receive a snapshot of it by email at regular intervals—without having to sign in to Tableau Server or Tableau Online.Now you can subscribe your colleagues to your workbooks and views!Tableau 10 lets you subscribe other users to your workbooks and views.


Optimizing Tableau Workbook Performance

Discover how to improve workbook performance by focusing on some of the inbuilt Tableau Functionality like Performance Recording. Performance Recording feature in Tableau records performance information about key events as you interact with a workbook. You can then view performance metrics in a workbook that Tableau creates to analyze and troubleshoot different events that are known to affect performance:


Spiral Heatmap in Tableau

A spiral heat map is a specific type of heat map designed for continuous comparable cycles like years or days. The spiral design makes it possible to compare the cycles, but keeping the continuous timeline along the spiral.This Complete post draws inspiration from Adam ,Joe Mako and Manuel Lima work.


String List to Display in a Tooltip instead of Asterisk (*) Mark

Tooltips are details that appear when you hover over one or more marks in the view. Tooltips are also convenient for quickly filtering or removing a selection, or viewing underlying data. You can edit a tooltip to include both static and dynamic text. You can also modify which fields are included in a tooltip and whether you want to be able to use those fields to select marks in the view.


ARC KPI (Semi Donut) in Tableau

Maybe you have a strong dislike for pie charts, and donut charts alike. As a supporting visual to a KPI, they do come in handy from time to time though. I saw a "half-donut" chart in one of my fitness apps and it struck a good balance between visual appeal and optimized screen real estate when compared to a full donut.  


Sunburst Chart in Tableau

The sunburst chart is ideal for displaying hierarchical data. Each level of the hierarchy is represented by one ring or circle with the innermost circle represents top of the hierarchy. The circle in the center represents the root node, with the hierarchy moving outward from the center. A sunburst chart without any hierarchical data (one level of categories), looks similar to a doughnut chart.