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Tableau Coach is extremely passionate about data visualization, especially using Tableau! Our focus is to help the Tableau user community by providing training and tips on using the software. 











Tutorial 1:Creating a Spider and Radial Chart in Tableau

This is a video tutorial on how to create a spider/ radar chart with background image in Tableau. It includes step-by-step instructions on how to format your data, how to create the calculated fields necessary, upload a background image, format the worksheet, and edit the axis. 

Tutorial 2:Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate: Exam Basics

An overview of what you can expect for the Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate certificate. Tips on how to pass the exam, basic information about the passing rate, exam environment, picture of what the certificate looks like, approach for exam preparation and for taking the exam.

Tutorial 2.0:Tableau Desktop 9 – Sample: Questions #1-3

Series of 5 training videos that go over the sample questions that tableau provides to help you prepare for the Tableau 9 Qualified Associate Certification. Each video goes over a few questions; the videos are broken up into several sessions to allow the view to focus on each question. Explanations are detailed and slow-paced so that viewers are able to follow along. Here is the link to the prep guide (which also includes a link

Tutorial 2.1:Tableau Desktop 9 – Sample Questions #4-5

Tutorial 2.2:Tableau Desktop 9 – Sample Questions #6-9

Tutorial 2.3:Tableau Desktop 9 – Sample Questions #10-12

Tutorial 2.4:Tableau Desktop 9 – Sample Questions #13-14

Tutorial 3:Tableau: What's New in Version 10.0?

Summary of the new features that are provided in Tableau's 10.0 version. Updates include clustering, cross-database joins, design upgrades, new typography, iconography, colors, device designer, web authoring, subscribe others, and custom territories

Tutorial 4:How to Improve Performance of Tableau?

Tips on performance enhancement for Tableau. Tips include dashboard layout, calculations, environmental factors, data, and using the tableau performance recorder.

Tutorial 5: Tableau Custom Shapes

Tableau training video on how to use custom shapes.

Tutorial 6: Tableau: Bar Charts for Beginners (Excel Data Source)

Video showing how to connect to an Excel spreadsheet, create simple bar charts and analysis. Includes a few tips on formatting using colors, borders, dollar signs, and editing the axis.

Tutorial 7 : 20 Quick Design Tips for Tableau Dashboards

20 Quick Design Tips for Tableau Dashboards – Watch how to clean up a dashboard step by step and then a quick recap of the 20 tips for cleaning up a dashboard. Also a quick tutorial on how to create a dual axis chart and synchronize the axis.





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