Best of Data Visualization – Part 1


This section covers the best Visualization which are floating over the Internet, so I pulled together collection of links to some of the most relevant, interesting or thought-provoking Data Visualization which are available on web content that I’ve come across these many days.

2015 Iron Viz Champion – shine Pulikathara

Shine Pulikathara, a business technology consultant specializing in data visualization and dashboard design, particularly using modern business intelligence tools like Tableau and QlikView. He Has led the design and development of several data visualization efforts in areas such as health care cost trend analytics, labor cost optimization, retail sales/marketing, performance reporting, release planning, environment planning, program budgeting/forecasting, client portfolio analysis and recruiting for an executive audience. He has experienced in all major software development life cycle stages ranging from requirements analysis to integrated testing as well as program management for large business initiatives. He won 2015 Iron Viz Championship

The Iron Viz competition is the ultimate test of data dashboard prowess hosted by Tableau Software, the annual three-part battle brings together the Tableau community to compete for data viz domination. Iron Viz is a competition which pits three data visualization enthusiasts against each other to create the best possible visualization in 20 minutes – live onstage in front of over a thousand people.


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About the Author: Rajeev Pandey

I am a multidisciplinary designer working in data visualization, interaction design and innovation. Expertise in developing Tableau, Web focus based visualization and reporting applications. I have a passion for analyzing, dissecting, and manipulating data sets as well as, building beautiful dashboard. Naturally talented in communicating between technology and business needs. Diverse and experienced in plenty of different domains .I am quick learner who can absorb new ideas and can communicate clearly and effectively.I love creativity and enjoy experimenting with various technologies.

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