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Tableau Certification Preparation Guide

So many of my friends are preparing for DESKTOP 9 QUALIFIED ASSOCIATE-Exam but there are very few questions which are available over the internet. Everyone is struggling and finding it difficult to prepare for the exam. While doing my research I stumbled across one website ( ) which contains some sample tableau certification questions which will surely help you to prepare for Examination.


Interpretations of Histogram in Tableau

This article explains the concept of Histogram and its use which will help us to analyze extremely large datasets by reducing them to a single graph that can show primary peaks in data as well as give a visual representation of the statistical significance of those peaks.Histograms provide insight in the number of values contained within a specific range of values.When you are unsure what to do with a large set of measurements presented in a table, you can use a Histogram to organize and display the data in a more user friendly format.


Tableau Certification Preparation Guide -Desktop 9 Qualified Associate-

DESKTOP 9 QUALIFIED ASSOCIATE-Exam Preparation Guide is a document which provides information on the structure of the exam, along with the knowledge and skills being measured. It will also guide you to resources to help you prepare for success. But inside this document, first few questions only contains answer and there are so many Tableau learners who are eagerly looking for step by step solution of each question. Here’s comes the solution for you guys.


Difference between Heat map and Tree map

There are two very useful charts which help in analyzing data, heat maps and tree maps. Heat maps and tree maps are very insightful visualizations. However, many a times, there is a confusion between the two due to which analysts either use it wrongly or totally avoid using it. This article will help draw a clear line between heat maps and tree maps, thus enabling analysts to create better visualizations.