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Ever wonder how to become faster at Tableau but don’t have time to read every Tableau blog?Or maybe you wish there was an easier way to do some tableau stuffs without wasting your precious time? Tableau Coach is extremely passionate about data visualization, especially using Tableau! Our focus is to help the Tableau user community by providing training and tips on using the software. 


Best of Data Visualization – Part 2

Adam McCann, 2015/2016 Tableau Zen Master, is a data scientist with a top-secret clearance and more than ten years of experience in advanced analytics. He has extensive experience with predictive modeling, business intelligence engineering, data visualization, data mining, and database design. He specializes in conducting advanced analytics and building innovative visual business intelligence solutions to visualize the results. He also has experience in workforce planning, risk analysis, emergency management, metrics development, Monte-Carlo simulations, data scraping, and process flow optimization modeling.


Best of Data Visualization – Part 1

This section covers the best Visualization which are floating over the Internet, so I pulled together collection of links to some of the most relevant, interesting or thought-provoking Data Visualization which are available on web content that I’ve come across these many days. 2015 Iron Viz Champion – shine Pulikathara Shine Pulikathara, a business technology […]