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KPI Donut Chart in Tableau

My fellow colleague Hendrik Kleine taught me another way of creating a donut chart.So today I am posting a variation on the traditional donut instead. We live in the age of gamification and you'll frequently come across a donut representing a single value, making it a KPI viz. In this post, I'll walk through making such a KPI donut, with a twist, each percentage point (out of a total 100) is displayed distinctly.


3D Bar Chart in tableau

Tableau doesn’t support 3d graphs because they aren’t consistent with best practices for presenting data in a way that it can be accurately understood. Studies have shown that 3D Charts are less accurate than other visualization types, and Tableau has a strong bias towards accuracy in presentation. No one finds 3D bars, 3D pies etc. analytically useful. On the contrary they make the charts harder to read with no real benefit. So many Viz Gurus advised not to use 3D charts in tableau.


Row Level Security in Tableau

Data security is the main priority for organizations of every size and genre. In simple terms, we can say it’s a practice of keeping data protected from corruption and unauthorized access. The main focus of every organization is to ensure privacy while protecting personal or corporate data.The first step in protecting your enterprise's data privacy and security is to identify the types of information/data you want to protect and where that information is exposed in your organization.


Best books for Tableau beginners

When the idea of collating a list of Tableau books one should read to get an expertise on the tool came up, it seemed fun in the beginning but not for long. We kept spinning ours pens for some time because every book in the market provides a unique blend of knowledge ranging from a beginner to the masters!! The list kept piling up till we gave up.


Battery Meter in Tableau

While the pace of smart meter deployments is rapidly increasing worldwide .These days client want similar sort of design in their vizes as well. Battery meter indicates an estimated battery life remaining and will give a clear picture if it crosses a certain threshold. This post is actually inspired by the Kelly's Gilbert Work which is available in her Tableau public page. Follow her on Twitter and get the data viz inspiration.


Storytelling: Creating narratives with data

Visual storytelling is defined as the use of images, videos, infographics, presentations, and other visuals on social media platforms to craft a graphical story around key brand values and offerings.Creating the right viz to convey your message relies on understanding whom you are communicating with and how they will react to it. Always remember communication is a two-way process.