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Top N and Bottom N View on the Same Worksheet

rogaine 5 canada This article helps you find the top and bottom N within the whole data set, and not in a subset of the data. Here, we will create two bar graphs in same worksheet, one is showing Top 5 values and the other is showing Bottom 5 values.Let’s use the sample file, Sample – Superstore Sales (Excel). Open a new worksheet and select Sample – Superstore Sales (Excel) as the data source.

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Change Background Image with Parameter

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cleocin t gel cost Sometimes we need to change the background image in our dashboard/Worksheet so that we can better represent our analytical goal. As we know that, Tableau allows you to load dynamic image by using Custom maps option. Background Images are images that you display underneath your data in order to add more complex to the marks in the view.

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Move the Discrete Field name from Header to Footer

modvigil 200 uk This article helps you to get the headers and the axis label in the same place in Tableau.Tableau always puts discrete labels at the top then how to move the discrete field name from top/header to the bottom/footer of the graph. Lets Find out here.

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