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WorkoutWednesday S02 E39 – Vertical Labels

This week Rody back with a fairly simple challenge, but one that has a few useful tricks that could help spice up your next viz. The tricks used in this challenge are geared toward design, but have additional benefits. This Workoutwednesday Challenge can teach you some advance usage of Tableau function like use of Regex function, MID function and how you can utilize ASCII characters on your calculation.


WorkoutWednesday S02 E35 – 2×2 Quadrant chart

One aspect of data visualization we all have been discovering over the years is that when we talk about data visualization we often think that the choice of which graphical representation to use is the most important one to make. However, deciding what to visualize is often equally, if not more, important, than deciding how to visualize it. The goal of this visualization was to engage readers in finding and telling their own stories in the data. Special thanks to Neil Richards for this wonderful creation.


WorkoutWednesday S02 E33 -Pareto chart with a twist

A Pareto diagram is a simple bar chart that ranks related measures in decreasing order of occurrence. The principle was developed by Vilfredo Pareto, an Italian economist and sociologist who conducted a study in Europe in the early 1900s on wealth and poverty. He found that wealth was concentrated in the hands of the few and poverty in the hands of the many. The principle is based on the unequal distribution of things in the universe. It is the law of the “significant few versus the trivial many.” The significant few things will generally make up 80% of the whole, while the trivial many will make up about 20%.


WorkoutWednesday S02 E7

This week we will be looking at Sub-Category Sales by Month, and creating a highlight table of which sub-categories were the Max and Min Sales in that Month.Each Month will Highlight the MIN Sales in Red, Max Sales in Blue.Allow users to Filter by Year and/or Category.Pay attention to formatting and how the Table adjusts in size according to how many Sub-Categories are being shown.


WorkoutWednesday S02 E6

This week we will need to use some formatting skills and the knowledge of formatting color. You’ll also be using the rarely-utilized hierarchy on this dashboard and you’ll need to utilize the “+” and “-” to drill in and out of the hierarchy.As you complete this example, feel free to share on Twitter using the #WorkoutWednesday hashtag. Don’t forget to tag @VizWizBI, @RodyZakovich, and @LukeStanke. We really want to see your work.


WorkoutWednesday S02 E5

This week Andy is back with a challenge and it’s very straightforward. You need to create two quarters starting with the month selected and show months for everything else.As you complete this example, feel free to share on Twitter using the #WorkoutWednesday hashtag. Don’t forget to tag @VizWizBI, @RodyZakovich, and @LukeStanke. Also, if you want your efforts throughout 2018 tracked, feel free to fill out this Google Form mentioned in the blog.


WorkoutWednesday S02 E4

Do you enjoy working with Tableau? Are you looking for an additional challenge? Workout Wednesday might be what you need. WorkoutWednesday a set of weekly challenges from Andy Kriebel and Emma Whyte (for 2017) and Rody Zakovich and Luke Stank.This week Rody and Luke asked us to build a simple text table with a twist of course.You cannot use any LoD and Table Calculations