Drawing Human Face in Tableau

I have observed that people are often afraid of maths and find it difficult as a subject. This is due to lack of proper knowledge and clarification of mathematical concepts. My Love for the subject has grown over the years which led to this post. I always wanted to draw a human face in Tableau but I was not getting the mathematical equations which can generate a human face. I read so many blogs like https://www.desmos.com/calculator/wiqpbaqiwf but wasn’t able to convert the same in the tableau.

Thanks to our Zen Master Ken Flerlage  and mathematical artist HAMID NADERI YEGANEH who first showed us how to create any shape by using mathematical equation. Ken is one of the few people who is always available to provide help with Tableau and SQL related problems and HAMID is one of the finest maths genius whose articles got published in almost all the big journals like The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Science Friday etc.

Let’s explore the few the masterpiece which Ken developed by using Hamid’s maths equation. He has also written a blog post explaining the entire process.



There is no second thought that the human face is one of the most popular subjects in art and history. For creating “FACE” inside tableau, we will be using the below mathematical Function developed by HAMID .

Once you have the mathematical calculation, you need to plot using parametric equations that Tableau can understand. As you can see, HAMID has used 12000 Circles for drawing the Face.

Let’s create a single column called “Range” by using two values 1 and 12000.




let’s create bins (Padded) based on Point. This will help us create the extra 11998 points we need for drawing the Line/curve, through data densification.











Now we need to generate the X Coordinates, Y Coordinates, Radius, PI () and Index.

For more Understanding, please refer to Ken’s blog Which is totally dedicated to the Parametric equation.

source url K = [t] = Index ()





online prescription Seroquel PI = 3.1451





go to link X(k)



buy prednisone overnight delivery R(k)






Face Colour







Note *: Here Colour is a parameter with two values a) Black and b) Red

Once our calculation is ready, It’s time to plot the Values in our Canvas.

  1. Drag Range(bin) On detail Marks
  2. Put Index () on Detail Marks and compute using “Range(bin)”
  3. Put “X Face” on Column Shelf and “Y Face” on Row Shelf and compute using “Range(bin)”.
  4. Change the marks from Automatic to Line
  5. Put [t] on the “path” and Compute using “Range(bin)”
  6. Drag another instance of “Y Face” on Row Shelf and compute using “Range(bin)”. Perform a dual Axis operation on it and then change the marks from line to Circle.
  7. Add “Face color” on color Marks.

You will get a beautiful Human face in tableau like the below image.


Your Final Dashboard will look like the below image.

Download Workbook Link: https://goo.gl/LfMA5w

Do check ken Post on Parametric Equation.Beyond Show Me Part 3: Parametric Equations. This will walk you through the process of using parametric equations to plot a circle.

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