Learning Tableau without getting lost in the jungle of Tableau’s features

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Data Visualization is the art of presenting data in a manner in which even a non-analyst can understand. A perfect blend of aesthetic elements such as colors, dimensions, and labels can create visual masterpieces, revealing surprising business insights which can help businesses to make informed decisions.

Data Visualization is an inevitable aspect of business analytics. With the discovery of new data sources, business managers at all levels are embracing data visualization which allows them to analyse trends visually and take quick decisions.

Data visualization allows data scientists to converse with their end users. The outcome of data analysis is not immediately comprehensible to people who do not deal with data directly. Data visualization bridges that gap and makes people appreciate the possibility of data analysis.

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Tableau is a Business Intelligence tool for visual analysis of data. Users can create and distribute an interactive dashboard, which can depict the trends, variations, and insights in data in the form of graphs and charts. Tableau can connect to files, relational and Big Data sources to acquire and process data. The software allows data blending and real-time collaboration, which makes it very unique. It is used by businesses, academic researchers, and many government organizations for visual data analysis. It is also positioned as the leading Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform in Gartner Magic Quadrant.

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Tableau provides various features which are not present in other tools in the market. Today we will learn the necessary things to learn as a beginner.

As a beginner, you should learn to connect different files to Tableau and use joins to create data sources and make essential graphs in Tableau. Some of the graphs are

We can’t label any of these chart types as basic or essential because that will depend on the necessities and data. I would suggest the Tableau for beginners by Kirill Eremenko course in Udemy as it helps beginners to get a basic idea and basic knowledge about Tableau.

Here are some blogs and resources to follow to get started in Tableau.

This link has the official Tableau learning modules. They videos provide basic training which covers the overview of Tableau features. It covers topics like connecting with data, data joining, data blending and other important topics.

The articles from this blog provide information about how to get started in the world of Tableau.

These are some other useful blogs for people who want to learn Tableau and its use in business visualizations.

There are several resources available on the internet to follow and learn.

Tableau Community:

Tableau has its own community and forums where people can get answers to almost any question they might have about Tableau. Tableau community is actively growing its number of  users with many professionals, data visualization enthusiasts and business masterminds joining it.

Tableau conducts several events, webinars and knowledge sharing sessions throughout the year which help us grow in the world of Data Visualization.

Is there no end to the learning journey!!

There is a lot to learn and explore in Tableau. Many new features get added with every new release. So there is no end to the learning journey.

Almost all Tableau Zen masters hold the same opinion that there is a lot of data currently which can be put to use. We just need to learn how to and never stop learning it.


Tableau is the most feature-rich data visualization tool available in the market. Tableau provides flexibility to users to visualize great insights using the drag and drop functionality. There are many insights which can be unlocked from the data we use. Practice to get perfect.

“Happy Data Visualization!!”

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This article was contributed by Perceptive Analytics. Juturu Pavan, Prudhvi Sai Ram and Chaitanya Sagar contributed to this article.

Perceptive Analytics provides data analytics, data visualization, business intelligence and reporting services to e-commerce, retail, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries. Our client roster includes Fortune 500 and NYSE listed companies in the USA and India.



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