Optimizing Tableau Workbook Performance When we talk about performance, we mean the speed with which you can work in Tableau. That might mean speed of data analysis, for example, if you work in Tableau Desktop on a large corporate database that takes forever in real-time when you access it remotely. Or it might mean simply the speed of loading views or dashboards that you access on your desktop or from Tableau Server.If you are working with small data volumes, many of the recommendations in this section are optional for you. Your workbook performance is probably as speedy as you expect.But if you work with hundreds of millions of records, designing an efficient workbook is critically important to the speed at which you can work. We recommend that you review the topics and tips in this section before you start building your first view.


Tableau provides a number of features designed to help you optimize performance. These features are discussed throughout the help within the descriptions of tasks and workflows where you would most likely encounter them. They are also collected here in case you want make performance your focus.Making performance improvements almost always means making trade-offs. For example: Do you sacrifice speed to make sure you have the most current data? Is it important to include all the data for analysis, or will a speedier subset do?


The bigger and more complicated the data, the longer it takes to interpret and render, but there are things you can do to accelerate the process. Think of fine-tuning your workbook performance as working on a puzzle with multiple pieces. This section provides you with the pieces of information, and you pick and choose which pieces solve your particular puzzle.


This section starts by discussing the big picture and then drills down to specific functionality. We start with databases, data, and extracts, and then proceed through things you can do that affect your data source, your workbooks, your calculations, and visualizations. Next, we talk about how to record and analyze workbook performance. Finally we look at how to reduce upload times to a Tableau server.


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