RapidDox – Tableau Dashboard Documentation in Seconds

2 This  article explains how you can create an awesome Tableau documentation within seconds and save up to 8-10 hours per workbook .

Do you feel overwhelmed with everything you want to get done quickly? Since time immemorial, all of man’s efforts have been directed at one thing: making life easier. I am constantly searching for great tools I can implement to make my life easier. Every day  I need to create a document for my Tableau Dashboards.Documentation of a Tableau dashboard is an essential process to understand the history of the dashboard, various stakeholders, developers, timestamp of creation and modification and also the detailed level design of the dashboard.

Documentation of a Tableau workbook usually takes a lot of effort. On an average it accounts to 8 to 12 hours.Rapiddox is a unique product which automates the process of documentation and completes it in few clicks and seconds.

Some of the features of this product are as follows

2 http://wearelightbox.co.uk/tag/stress/ No complexity

Documentation can be created by click of a button in few seconds. There is no coding or script generation involved in this process.

2 http://danstwothings.com/?p=641 Multiple formats

Documentation can be exported in various formats like MS Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat PDF or HTML.

2 buy Lyrica online australia Flexibility

Documentation can be standardized using standard and well-designed templates. Advanced users can customize the templates by choosing the sections, order and the level of details required.

2 Screenshots of dashboards

Screenshots of Dashboard can be included at relevant places to make it look more effective.

2 Analyze

Relevant information about the dashboard can be analyzed without opening the actual Tableau Workbook. It gives an information on the custom SQL used, calculations , parameters, groups and sets used in the dashboard.

2 Best Practices Guidance

Rapiddox helps Tableau authors to improve performance of their dashboards by giving them insights into objects like calculated fields, parameters or data source field.

The format of the documentation is as follows –

1. Dashboard overview


2.Worksheet details of all the worksheets used in the Dashboard


3.Mapping of the data sources with all the worksheets used in the dashboard


4.Background Information of the dashboard with requestor and developer details with the timestamp


5.Data Sources Information which includes the type, sources, joins used and filters,Custom SQL information (in case it is used) and the actual query


6.Calculated Fields information with the name and formula details


7.Information related to the groups, Hierarchies, Parameters and Sets



Rapiddox is packed with excellent services designed to help you run your business.Factualsoft  has worked tirelessly towards report documentation aimed at making a job less tiresome.Whatever be the case, it is definitely evident today that Rapiddox has made Tableau documentation facile.What earlier used to take almost an entire day to document and get through to the client now takes about a half-hour.And guess what, it is much more fun, too and it really help with my productivity and peace of mind.




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