buy gabapentin 300 mg Step 1:

For better understanding , I am using the Superstore dataset here which comes along with tableau.

Drag Sub category on your text label. You worksheet will look like the below image .


Step 2:

When you use this sheet in your dashboard , it will look like the below image.

Note : You may use the entire View for this sheet based on your Space availability .




Step 3:

Now when my user hovers over my sub categories, it will show the list of all the names on

my Tooltip instead of single name.Currently, it will show only one name at a time.

Refer the below image




Step 4:

Lets solve this Problem by writing a table calculation . Here , we will use the a Tableau

Function “Previous Value”. Before writing the Calculated Field , let me give you an overview

on what this function can actually do.The PREVIOUS_VALUE() function is self-referential

and effectively recursive.The value provided to the function (between the parentheses) just

defines what’s returned for the first row of the partition, for the rest of the partition

PREVIOUS_VALUE() returns the value of the entire calculation from the previous row.

But don’t get confused with Lookup function . Refer the below Joe Mako’s Explanation.

Lookup is based on an expression, so I consider it based on the result of another field, while

Previous is self referring,referring to the result of the calculated field it is a part of. You can

replicate a running sum with previous, for example:


the zero (0) means, then there is no previous value for the result of this calculation, for the

first row in the partition,use 0 as the previous value.

I think I have explained enough ,now lets get back to our problem statement.

Now what you need to do is, first check whether the below mentioned calculated Field is

working as expected or not. Lets add this calculated field on Text Label shelf and compute

using the”Sub Category” or whatever dimension present is on detail shelf / Mark shelf.










But this partially solves my problem. Here, you can see even when we have more than 10 members,

Currently my tooltip is showing only 3 members . Here as you can see in the figure,when

user hovers over Binders, all values prior to “Binders” are getting reflected on the tooltip.







Step 5:

Now what I want if my Client /End user clicks on ellipsis or any of the dimension member ,it

should show all the member names in the Tooltip instead of 1 or 2 . lets wrap our previous

calculated field again inside the “Previous Value along with Lookup function.” You will get

the end result.






Add this calculated field in your label shelf  and Compute using the “Sub category” as below.


















Hurray, we finally get what we are looking for.











Please refer the below KB article for more information.