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Tableau forum is a wonderful platform to get the answers to all your tableau related queries. As they say that knowledge increases by sharing not by saving. Here, at Tableau Forum, this saying is brought to practicality as users not only learn, but also teach and share ideas with each other further expanding the users’ knowledge base. I truly believe that there are many hidden gems such as small yet valuable Tableau tips and Tricks which are currently hidden in Tableau Forum's Post, which is like a vast sea of knowledge. I thought of documenting them one after the other so that anyone and everyone can utilise them in their daily tableau work.Let’s start off with Jonathan Drummey's work. Jonathan Sir works to unearth the features and capabilities of his favorite piece of software i.e., Tableau helping others master the same. He basically looks for the hidden patterns and algorithms in systems and processes in order to make the most effective and efficient change in tableau software.

Coloring Column Headers and its Value :

Original Work : Workbook Link.

1. Drag Category on Rows shelf and Order Date on Column Shelf. Uncheck the header option for the pills

2. Drag Sales on Text marks

3. Go to the analysis -> Totals-> Show column Grand Totals -> Column totals to Top











4. Right click on the “Grand Total” Text and then change the labels of Grand Total Category.







5. Create a Calculated Field ‘Year’ and placed at the text label. Right click on it ->Select Total using -> Maximum


Example :











6.  Right click on Sales ( Present at the Text Marks card) ->Total Using -> Hide

7. Create another calculated Field Min(1) and put it into Size shelf and increase the Size till the max.

8. Change the Marks from automatic to Gnatt Chart

9. Create a calculated Field for highlighting the columns (Header + Entire cell). You can also replace the Max Date value with your  Parameter as well.











 Examples :








The Final output will look like the below image.


How to add a Constant Gradient color in Slope Graphs

Slope graphs, or essentially line graphs between two point helps in comparing the two data points. The related values are connected by slopes.It basically shows the relationship between categories across two very different quantitative values at different points in time. The related values are connected by slopes.

Original Work :Workbook Link

How can assign a two different color in our slope chart based on the increase/decrease of the aggregated value from 2010 to 2011.?

1. Crete a Calculated Field as mentioned below and drag it into the the Color Shelf.

2. Assign a Proper diverging color to the calculated Field.

3.Your newly created Calculated Field should be computed based on the dimension which is placed on Column shelf

SIGN (LOOKUP(ZN([Aggregated Value]) – LOOKUP(ZN ([Aggregated Value]), -1),LAST()))

Note * : The SIGN function returns the sign of a number. For positive numbers, the function returns a 1. For zero, it returns a 0. And for negative numbers, it returns a -1.




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