Tableau Fringe Festival – 10 Useful Tableau Tips and Tricks

Over a month now, Tableau nominated me as one of  the TFF APAC Speaker and it was my honor to give a 50 min video presentation to a group of new Tableau users and a bench of Experts.













Firstly, let’s have an overview of Tableau Fringe Festival.Tableau Fringe Festival sprung from the great community mind of Emily Kund and Fi Gordon. Its ensures that the community members’ messaging had a platform to be heard.It's basically a one day virtual conference where we get to hear great content from the community, for the community! The conference is FREE to attend, encouraging a culture of collaboration and learning for our community.

Emily and Gordon are both Tableau Social Ambassador and I must say when it comes to making data easier to understand, Emily and Gordon both knows how to provide what businesses need to succeed.I would advise each one of you to follow these two visualization experts on Twitter which will surely give you a better grasp of what’s going on in the world of data and how you can apply it to your own business to increase success.

Tableau always helps you to discover new relationships in data, prompts you to ask new questions, and helps you convey what you want to show to others.  I wanted to make this process more smooth and easy to proceed.So I have chosen "Tableau – 10 Tips and Tricks " that I have learnt along the way. In Today’s era, everyone wants to save time. So I come up with 10 easy tips to let you get the most out of your Tableau Software visualization effort.













2 Pedal to the Metal! Tableau Tips and Tricks to Save You Time

          [embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEq5ENqE4lE[/embedyt]

This will hopefully make things a little easier for you.  As I mentioned earlier, there are other wonderful speakers as well who presented their Tableau content on TFF. A very talented speaker and very good friend of mine – Sneha Vijay covered 10 most useful tip and tricks for the newbies. When you're new to Tableau or working on complex calculations, we often get clueless as to which way has to be chosen to move forward. She beautifully covered  the best practices of Tableau.These tips and tricks video will be helpful to those who are new into the visualization world and even to those who have spent good times in the lanes of Tableau and want to look back at the memories. Video covers a variant of topics like best chart types and colors , solving bundling issues , notifying last refresh date  and other Tableau best practices that will make dashboards look winning.

More information can be found below

210 Useful Tips for the Tableau Newbie

         [embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fz9uVlos5EA[/embedyt]


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