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Tornado Chart in Tableau

Tornado Charts a special bar chart whose resulting image looks just like the natural phenomenon in Tableau. Tornado Charts excel at comparing the relative importance of a given variable. For example, males and females among different age groups in the population. Academic performance between children of low- and high-income families. Sales in two different regions.


Radial Bar Charts in Tableau

Radial bar chart is a variation of a pie. Like a pie chart, a radial bar chart shows the relationship of parts to a whole, but a radial bar chart can contain sub categories for each part of the whole. Each category in the data series that is being plotted in a radial bar chart, gets a different color and all the subcategories are given the same color.


Tableau Certification Preparation Guide -Desktop 9 Qualified Associate-

DESKTOP 9 QUALIFIED ASSOCIATE-Exam Preparation Guide is a document which provides information on the structure of the exam, along with the knowledge and skills being measured. It will also guide you to resources to help you prepare for success. But inside this document, first few questions only contains answer and there are so many Tableau learners who are eagerly looking for step by step solution of each question. Here’s comes the solution for you guys.


Unicode/ASCII Characters on Tableau Tooltips

Sometimes we often wanted to enhance Tableau Tables or Tableau Tooltips by adding some Icons or shapes. There are so many ways through which we can improve our Visualization. One simple way of doing this is to use Unicode icon/ASCII Character in Tableau.


Top N and Bottom N View on the Same Worksheet

This article helps you find the top and bottom N within the whole data set, and not in a subset of the data. Here, we will create two bar graphs in same worksheet, one is showing Top 5 values and the other is showing Bottom 5 values.Let’s use the sample file, Sample – Superstore Sales (Excel). Open a new worksheet and select Sample – Superstore Sales (Excel) as the data source.