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Wisdom Tree – Curtis Harris

Being a field expert and also being humble is a trait that is hard to come by .One name which came to my mind is Curtis Hariss .A well known face across the Tableauverse.His easy to use, creative and intuitive Tableau Vizes benefited so many Tableau authors around the globe.Curtis always turns complex data sets  into beautiful, simple diagrams that tease out unseen patterns and connections.


Wisdom Tree – Emily K

Every woman has her own definition of success. But the path to success can be tricky and navigating it requires that you be proactive in several aspects of your life. Emily is a perfect example . She is truly a visionary woman . she candidly discusses her career trajectory, including the  professional challenges she's faced and the greatest lessons she's learned along the way. she also believes in having a healthy body rather than just being slim. She really works very hard to stay fit and in perfect shape. Take a look into her story, where she gets inspiration, and how she uses Tableau  in day to day life.


Wisdom Tree – David Pires

You probably all know Mr. Handsome Tableau Ambassador David Pires from his extremely friendly attitude.  
He's is great with his vizes and always willing to try something new. I had the opportunity of learning a little more about his story, and am happy to be sharing it with you all.Take a look into his story, where he gets inspiration, and how he uses Tableau and learn more about David Pires


Wisdom Tree – The DataDuo

A new section to bring in light, thoughts of the Tableau experts who are an inspiration to all of us.The answers will be helpful to everyone aspiring to learn more and more in the Tableau world.Every week, we shall bring in such one personality who would share their words to the readers and motivate them to dive in deeper in this limitless ocean of knowledge and fun.