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Combine Sets in Tableau

Sets are custom fields that define a subset of data based on some conditions. A set can be based on a computed condition. For example, a set may contain customers with sales over a certain threshold. Computed sets update as your data changes. Alternatively a set can be based on a specific data point in your view. You can use sets to compare and ask questions about a subset of data.


Tableau Certification Preparation Guide

So many of my friends are preparing for DESKTOP 9 QUALIFIED ASSOCIATE-Exam but there are very few questions which are available over the internet. Everyone is struggling and finding it difficult to prepare for the exam. While doing my research I stumbled across one website ( ) which contains some sample tableau certification questions which will surely help you to prepare for Examination.


How to add a multiple chart types in one worksheet

Are you interested in understanding how to show multiple chart types in one Tableau worksheet? I somehow feel that having a capability of changing the chart types would actually help business user more to talk something that is not necessarily available in one way. Sometimes, Business users want to see data in different forms and have the ability to change the chart type without having to rebuild it which will save lot of time.


Change Background Image with Parameter

Sometimes we need to change the background image in our dashboard/Worksheet so that we can better represent our analytical goal. As we know that, Tableau allows you to load dynamic image by using Custom maps option. Background Images are images that you display underneath your data in order to add more complex to the marks in the view.