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WorkoutWednesday S02 E35 – 2×2 Quadrant chart

One aspect of data visualization we all have been discovering over the years is that when we talk about data visualization we often think that the choice of which graphical representation to use is the most important one to make. However, deciding what to visualize is often equally, if not more, important, than deciding how to visualize it. The goal of this visualization was to engage readers in finding and telling their own stories in the data. Special thanks to Neil Richards for this wonderful creation.


Storytelling: Creating narratives with data

Visual storytelling is defined as the use of images, videos, infographics, presentations, and other visuals on social media platforms to craft a graphical story around key brand values and offerings.Creating the right viz to convey your message relies on understanding whom you are communicating with and how they will react to it. Always remember communication is a two-way process.