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Tableau Certification Preparation Guide

So many of my friends are preparing for DESKTOP 9 QUALIFIED ASSOCIATE-Exam but there are very few questions which are available over the internet. Everyone is struggling and finding it difficult to prepare for the exam. While doing my research I stumbled across one website ( ) which contains some sample tableau certification questions which will surely help you to prepare for Examination.


How to overlap Symbol Map on top of Filled Map in Tableau

In Tableau, filled maps can be used to visually represent one measure and a symbol map can be used to visually represent, upto 2 measures. Combining both a filled map and a symbol map in a single view can help in representing 3 measures and provides more insights into the available data.


Isolating US MAP into Individual Geographic States

Tableau is designed to make the most of geographical data, so you can get to the “where” as well as the “why.” With built-in Tableau integration, using maps couldn't be easier! Occasionally, however, we want to get creative and display more information within the map. Now, this is obviously just for visual flavor, as the end user would see in multiple other areas the selected metric, but the technique is a nifty trick with many different applications.


How to create an India Map on Tableau

Tableau automatically assigns geographic roles to fields with common geographical names, such as Country, State/Province, City, etc. Fields with a geographic role will automatically generate longitude and latitude coordinates on a map view. Geographic roles can also be manually assigned to fields that are not automatically recognized. Fields with assigned geographic roles will have a globe icon next to them.