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Different color coding for each column in Tableau

There are situations when we want to apply different color coding schemes to each column of a table developed/created in Tableau. This article explains a very simple way to provide different colors in a single table i.e how to provide different color schemes to each column in a table.


Tornado Chart in Tableau

Tornado Charts a special bar chart whose resulting image looks just like the natural phenomenon in Tableau. Tornado Charts excel at comparing the relative importance of a given variable. For example, males and females among different age groups in the population. Academic performance between children of low- and high-income families. Sales in two different regions.


10 Tableau Timesavers- Tips and Tricks

Tableau is an incredibly versatile tool; unlike many other business intelligence tools, Tableau does not constraint users too much, and instead gives them power to exercise their creativity when developing visually rich reporting.This article show you some timesaving tableau tips for building new views, altering the default formats of fields and axis headers, creating new fields, and customizing the content.The 10 tips below are some of my own favorite, given they deal with very common business scenarios.


Donut Charts in Tableau

Donut chart is a variation of a pie. Like a pie chart, a donut chart shows the relationship of parts to a whole, but a donut chart can contain more than one data series. Each data series that is being plotted in a donut chart, adds a ring to the chart. The first data series is displayed in the centre of the chart.


Move the Discrete Field name from Header to Footer

This article helps you to get the headers and the axis label in the same place in Tableau.Tableau always puts discrete labels at the top then how to move the discrete field name from top/header to the bottom/footer of the graph. Lets Find out here.