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A new section to bring in light, thoughts of the Tableau experts who are an inspiration to all of us.The answers will be helpful to everyone aspiring to learn more and more in the Tableau world.Every week, we shall bring in such one personality who would share their words to the readers and motivate them to dive in deeper in this limitless ocean of knowledge and fun.

chloromycetin eye drops uk 1. For how long have you been using tableau?

anabrez 1mg price David – I’ve first came into Tableau during a POC at work at the end of 2014. But it took until the summer of 2015 for me to really start using it. I’d say 1-2 years.

kamagra 100mg oral jelly come si usa 2. What is one thing in tableau that you wish every other BI tool in the market should have?

caverta 25 mg price in india David – Web editing. With the focus on self-service analysis it’s important to give the end users the ability to discover their own insights. Sometimes users don’t have access to Desktop but having the option of analysis the data right there in the browser with no add-ons is really powerful.

danazol price 3. Tell us one thing that you dread doing in tableau and why?

buy cenforce 100 David – There isn’t something I dread, I’d say that at work I always favour simpler approaches because they are easier to maintain and to explain to colleagues. But I always cringe every time someone asks me to create bubble charts with 10 colours.

orlistat buy 4. Tell us one feature of Tableau that you would wish was long removed.

lariam price David – I can’t think of one to be fair, maybe the alert when you are adding more than 20 fields to the colour. smiley

prasugrel generic usa  5. Tell us one thing that you are still scared to try in Tableau.

benadryl by prescription David – Tableau has been good to me and because of the amount of content being pushed out by the community we can always try new things with a safety net. For me rather than scared, I’m looking forward to trying new things and learn as much as I can. Even if that means pulling my hair out in the process.

retin a 0.05 cream where to buy 6. What features of Tableau do you often use in your office work?

cifran tablet price David – Sheet swapping on desktop and the Postgres database on server. I just love to see how our users are using the product.

buy fml eye drops uk 7. When has Tableau surprised you the best?

anacin extra strength canada David – To be fair last month keynote in Austin was very surprising. Tableau can be cagey with regards to the future, but I was pleasantly surprised to see their roadmap for the future. It showed innovation but also maturity and I can’t wait to see all the new ways we will be able to interact with data using Tableau.

lipitor uk 8. What is the one thing you have always wanted Tableau to have?

accutane germany David – Transparent sheets. Really that’s my Christmas gift, Tableau if you are reading this just give us transparent sheets and I’ll be happy forever.

  persantine injection price in pakistan 9. Which work of your took you the longest and what were the challenges that you faced there?

flagyl quando si usa David – I did something recently for a Spanish site which wasn’t difficult, but the planning and execution took a bit of time. We also had a few issues with mobile designer and WordPress integration which meant overcoming those obstacles. In all it took about a week’s work spread out over a month or so.

phenergan elixir uk 10. For the readers – what should they focus the most in Tableau to learn most?

buy zenegra online in india David – Start by watching all the videos from the Tableau training and then apply every one of those techniques on a different data set. Your skills will improve very fast.

11. How much do you encourage users to be a part of events like MakeOverMonday?

David – I encourage everyone to take part on community activities as much as possible. From MakeoverMonday to Iron Viz or other competitions organized by Tableau, to public speaking initiatives like the Tableau Fringe Festival or Tableau Tiny talks, these are all great to help you become a well-rounded and skilled analyst

12. How does it feel to be a Tableau ambassador ?

David – It's great. It was amazing to become a Tableau Social Ambassador alongside the amazing Adam Crahen and the ever energetic Fi Gordon. Both who I admire greatly. To me, it's just extra motivation to try and help others as much as I can. I always look back at the help and support I had when I started so I try and do the same.

13. After becoming a zen master, what additional responsibilities do you have to carry on towards the tableau community?

David – I hear rumors that you have to do a world tour visiting all other Zens across the globe. All expenses paid of course.wink

14. What are your words to the aspiring zen masters? What additional do they have to do to achieve that honor?

David – I’m not a Zen but from what I see from others there’s no recipe for success. Be kind to others, share your knowledge and help the new starters grow by respecting and nurturing them. Start there.

15. Lastly, few words on your experience in Austin.

David – You doing it on purpose aren’t you. I had just gotten over the fact that I didn’t go and now all the feelings are back. Well on twitter it looked amazing and I look forward to going in 2017.  

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