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Every woman has her own definition of success. But the path to success can be tricky and navigating it requires that you be proactive in several aspects of your life. Emily is a perfect example . She is truly a visionary woman . she candidly discusses her career trajectory, including the  professional challenges she's faced and the greatest lessons she's learned along the way. she also believes in having a healthy body rather than just being slim. She really works very hard to stay fit and in perfect shape. Take a look into her story, where she gets inspiration, and how she uses Tableau  in day to day life.

1. For how long have you been using tableau?

Emily – I’ve been using Tableau since 2013 primarily as a data viz hobby.

2. Tell us one thing that you dread doing in tableau and why?

Emily – I dread table calcs because I don't have a coding background and I think in narrative, not equations.

3.Tell us one feature of Tableau that you would wish was long removed.

Emily – Hmmm. A feature removed? I don't know! I wish features were shown to us differently (like a basic and advanced option), but I want it all.

4.      What features of Tableau do you often use in your office work?

Emily – I almost always change tooltips and change the defaults (especially for color).

5.      Which work of yours on Tableau Public took you the longest and what were the challenges that you faced there?

Emily – My Multiple Sclerosis viz was the one that took the longest. The biggest challenge was the data (thank goodness Matt Francis came to my rescue and cleaned up one of the messiest data sets he had ever seen.

6.      You sow the seeds of the fantastic Tableau Fringe Festival and now its fruits are ripping good. What were the challenges you faced when you first conceived the idea and how has your experience been so far.

Emily – I love The Fringe Festival and I hope we can provide that value to the community for years. At first the challenge was the timing, it was relatively close the big show. However, I felt that it was so important to capitalize on the interest and momentum we had to deliver content from people who had really great messages. I hope interest in TFF grows and we are flooded with speaker applications. I'm pleased that we’re expanding and looking to have an EMEA virtual conference this year as well.

7.      How much do you encourage users to be a part of events like Fringe Festival and post their works on Tableau Public?

Emily – I think events like The Fringe Festival, TUGs, or other events are a great way to grow and give back, so I'm always encouraging folks to participate in those events. Tableau Public is a fantastic resource in so many respects, whether it's to find data, makeover vizzes, or enhance skills.

8.      How has Twitter helped you spread your word about the amazing features of Tableau?

Emily – Twitter has been a great place to virtually meet my Tableau friends and grow my dataviz tribe.  Because the community is so engaged and supportive, we can have really great discussions about seeing and understanding data as well as the tool itself.

9.      Tell us about your initiative Pretty Strong Smart.

Emily – I formalized this initiative to provide more specificity around my mission of empowering women and girls. I plan to leverage my title as Mrs. Maryland US Continental, to show girls and boys that girls can be smart, strong, & pretty; that it's not an either/or. Because when we have empowered women and girls, we have more perspective and a better society.

10.   You are a Tableau Social Ambassador, GovTUG & Data+Women Co-Lead, have you own piece on the internet – http://www.wannabeawesomeme.com. How do you find time for all these activities, given your priorities at work?

Emily – Support and prioritization. I couldn't have done TFF the last couple of years without Jen Vaughan and Fi Gordon or the podcast without Matt Francis. Those are just a few names but they are why I can do what I do. My life is a prioritization exercise. Given that Tableau isn't a part of my job, I prioritize my time outside of work. Supporting initiatives like data+women and sharing good conversations and helping people are important to me, so I make time for that. As any twitter follower knows, fitness is an equally important part of my life, so I schedule activities around that as well. And I make sure I spend quality time with the kids. All that means that I rise and grind and get half the stuff I want done!

11.   Lastly, few words for our readers

Emily – A few? Hs! Curiosity and critical thinking skills are awesome and we should employ them.

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