WorkoutWednesday S02 E1

Do you enjoy working with Tableau? Are you looking for an additional challenge? Workout Wednesday might be what you need. WorkoutWednesday a set of weekly challenges from  get more Andy Kriebel and  isotretinoin with no rx Emma Whyte (for 2017) and  cheap accutane for sale online Rody Zakovich and  Luke Stanke. (For 2018) designed to test your knowledge of Tableau and help you improvise your development skills. The idea is to replicate the challenge that they pose as closely as possible. When you think you have it, leave a comment with a link to your visualization and post a pic on Twitter for others to enjoy.

2017 WorkoutWednesday Challenge: Link

2018 WorkoutWednesday Challenge: Link

Step 1:

The best way to solve any problem is to first define it. I think the below statement is applicable everywhere.











Let’s apply the same logic in our Workout Wednesday Problem which we got from Andy and Emma. This week we need to create a chart on Looks vs Personality. Check the below link for more information.


Points to Remember:

Step 2:

As we are talking everything in terms of “men” and “Women”, so we need to create a separate calculated Field for each Men and Women value .For this we can use Gender and Value column.











Step 3:

Now drag “measures names” on the Filter shelf and select the below mentioned Values. After selection, put the “measure values” on the Column shelf and “Nationality” on the Row shelf.

















Step 4:

Change the default marks from “Automatic” to “Shape” and then put “Gender” on the shape cards.

 Step 5:

Right click on the “Format” available on the toolbar. Select the Format shading Tab -> Go to Sheet -> default -> Pane and enter the Hex color code (#d4d4d4)
















Select your own Gender Icons or create your own gender icons on PowerPoint and put it into the shape folder available inside the Tableau repository.

Step 6:

Go to the Lines formation Section – add a white Grid Line in the View. Your Output will look like the below image.

You can generate the above effect by adding a band distribution from 0 – 100

Step 7:

As per the fourth point mentioned on the Andy’s blog, we need add to add two annotations that point to three places Egyptian, Saudi Arabian and Vietnamese.


Step 8:

Put the “Connected Line” on the column shelf and changed the default marks from shape to Line. Connect the dot via a straight line by adding a Gender on top of Path Marks card.

Step 9:

Synchronize both the axis .if you are not getting a synchronize axis option, just wrap the connected Line calculated field inside the Float function like FLOAT ([Connected Line]).If you observe Andy’s Viz, line marks are not overlapping with the Circle, so to achieve the similar functionality Just right click on Connected Line Axis -> Move Marks to back.


Step 10:

Right Click on the Axis – Format -> Borders -> Column Divider – > Pane -> Dark Black color line.








Note *: Make sure your Column Divider Header is selected as “None”

Step 11:

Right click on the Top Axis (Connected line) and remove the Title for connected line. After that, click on Tick marks tab and select “Fixed” as major tick marks. Make sure your tick origin should start with “0” with an interval of 50 Units.











Step 12:

Then right click on the bottom axis, remove the Title “Value”. After that, click on Tick marks tab and make sure “None” is selected for both major and minor tick marks

After that, add a reference line at a constant Value 50 as per the below image.


Step 13:

Right click on the top axis and change the range of axis from –3 to 100. Now we need to remove the Highlighted Gray Space. The easy way is too change the color from “Gray” to “white”


We can use reference line for removing the extra gray space. Add two reference line one should start from -3 to 0 and other should start from 100 to 103.


Step 14:

Remove the Row header whichever present in the worksheet and change the color of axis ruler to “White color”. Your result will look like the below image.

Step 15:

As per Andy’s vz, we need to sort the viz based on the Value. Right click on “Nationality” sort by the “Measure value” as per the below image.

Step 16:

Our last step is to add two annotations. Right click on the line -> Select “Annotations”-> Area.

Apply the formatting as per the below image and you are done with the challenge. Place this worksheet on the dashboard and add a Title information as per the Andy’s profile and publish the same on Tableau public. Don’t forget to share an image on Twitter .

You end result should look like the below image

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  • Hello Rajeev,
    Thanks for the useful post!
    I am not sure how did you calculate the %people(for each gender) who ranked personality more than looks? The raw data from data world has ranking from 1 to 5 for 4-5 different attributes like good looks, humor, personality etc as per gender and nationality.
    Did you sum up few attributes related to personality for Rank 1 in order to calculate %people(for each gender) who ranked personality more than looks.
    Please advise.

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