WorkoutWednesday S02 E3

Do you enjoy working with Tableau? Are you looking for an additional challenge? Workout Wednesday might be what you need. WorkoutWednesday a set of weekly challenges from  Andy Kriebel and Emma Whyte (for 2017) and Rody Zakovich and Luke Stanke. (For 2018) designed to test your knowledge of Tableau and help you improvise your development skills. The idea is to replicate the challenge that they pose as closely as possible. When you think you have it, leave a comment with a link to your visualization and post a pic on Twitter for others to enjoy.

2017 WorkoutWednesday Challenge: Link

2018 WorkoutWednesday Challenge: Link
 This week the challenge will be with both parameters and the window_sum() function. This visualization may look simple but it was a challenge for both Rody and Luke.
Workout Wednesday Week 3 Challange: Link 


  • Data should be aggregated to the month.
  • Sales should be for a rolling 3 months
  • Order of the categories is dependent on the values at the parameter date. Larger values are stacked on top.
  • Pay attention to the color of #WorkoutWednesday title
  • Do your best to align the parameter with the x-axis. This way the controller is aligned with the reference line.
  • Match the axis labels and axis (none)titles.
  • Match x-axis major and minor ticks
  • Match the label format.
  • Match the colors using the Superfishel Stone color and Seattle Gray palette.
  • Your chart should range from 2014-Mar-01 to 2018-Mar-30.
  • Make sure your axes are synchronized (of course).
  • Share your visualization with the parameter set to 2018-Feb-01.

Step 1:

As per the instruction, you can use your own Superstore Data or you can use the dataset available at Data.World

First, create an account on Data.World and copy the tableau link by clicking on the Download icon as per the below image.

The moment you click on “Tableau Icon”, a new Popup will open which contains a connector URL.

Copy the highlighted URL and open the web Connector API.

Paste the Copied URL and Press Enter. Now your Tableau is connected to the given dataset.

Step 2:

Read the requirements carefully and try to replicate the steps in a chronological order. As per the Instruction, sales should show a rolling 3 months’ value.

Drag Order date on to the column shelf and Sales on the Row shelf. Refer the below image.

Right click on the Sales ->Edit Table Calculation -> Moving Calculation -> Select sum aggregation as Summarising Values -> Numeric 2 as its Previous value and 0 as its next value.



















You can also create your own Rolling 3 months sales by using the Window Calculation as per the below image.





Step 3:

Drag category on the color Shelf and assign Superfishel Stone color palette (65% Transparency) for each category. (Refer the instruction 9). Your Viz will look like the below image.

Step 4:

The critical part of the challenge starts with requirement 3 – “Order of the categories is dependent on the values at the parameter date. Larger values are stacked on top.

Let’s first create a date parameter by using the order data and Select “Range” as Allowable values with a Step Size of 1 Month.

Note: Also make sure your minimum and maximum date should be set to the first date of the month. The reason behind this is that we will be comparing the parameter with date Field which contains a “Datetrunc” function in our next calculated Field. Datetrunc Truncates the specified date to the accuracy specified by the date_part.

Step 5 :

Create a calculated Field which gives you first day of every month.





Use this newly created field for generating a Grayish Area Chart. So we want something a single shaded area toward the right side of the parameter for each category.







Step 6:

Drag the “Gray Color” calculated Field to the right side of the your “Rolling 3 month Value”.


Right-click on the “Gray Color” and Select Dual Axis ->Synchronize the Axis.

Note: Change the Transparency color from 65% to 100 %.

Step 7 :

Create a Reference Line based on the date parameter as per the below image.

Step 8 :

The typical part of the problem lies in sorting the area chart based on the Highest sales. As per the requirement, Larger values are stacked on top.

Now right click on the Category and sort it based on the above-calculated Field.














Step 9 :

Now create a label and Sales values calculated field as per the below Image and put it on the label marks. Make sure to check “Allow labels to overlap other marks”












Your end result will look like the below image.

Step 10 :

Now next challenge is to match “Match the axis labels and axis (none)titles”. Right click on the X-axis ->Tick marks -> major tick marks with every 6 months -> start origin will be 01-01-2014 and minor tick with every 3 months > Starting origin will be 01-01-2014













Step 11:

The last part of the challenge is to match the color of #WorkoutWednesday title with highest categorical sales value.

Create a text cal “#WorkoutWednesday” and add it to Text shelf. Drag a category on the color marks.Change the marks from automatic to a line.Now create a Calculated field “index” and select the 1 as its value in the filter shelf as per the below image.

Right-click on the Label -> Font ->Match Mark Color.

Note: Make sure your category is sorted  ( follow step 8)

Now your worksheet is ready.Add these worksheets to the dashboard.Do some formatting. Your end result will look like the below image.

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