WorkoutWednesday S02 E6

Do you enjoy working with Tableau? Are you looking for an additional challenge? Workout Wednesday might be what you need. WorkoutWednesday a set of weekly challenges from  Andy Kriebel and Emma Whyte (for 2017) and Rody Zakovich and Luke Stanke. (For 2018) designed to test your knowledge of Tableau and help you improvise your development skills. The idea is to replicate the challenge that they pose as closely as possible. When you think you have it, leave a comment with a link to your visualization and post a pic on Twitter for others to enjoy.

2017 WorkoutWednesday Challenge: Link

2018 WorkoutWednesday Challenge: Link

This week Andy is back with a challenge and it’s very straightforward. You need to create two quarters starting with the month selected and show months for everything else.

Workout Wednesday Week 6 Challange: Link 
  • The dashboard size is 600px by 800px
  • You must use Category and Sub-Category in your product hierarchy.
  • Right-align each member in the hierarchy.
  • Sort each level in the hierarchy descending by sum of sales.
  • Match the color on Region using a palette. You may not custom assign, you must .
  • Show “lines” going from the region with the lowest value in a member of the hierarchy to the highest level.
  • Make sure the min/max “lines” also sits between a horizontal grid line.
  • Make the “lines” between min/max values appear as a thin black line.
  • Use Segment as a filter.

Step 1:

As per the instruction, you can use your own Superstore Data or you can use the dataset available at Data.World

First, create an account on Data.World and copy the tableau link by clicking on the Download icon as per the below image.

The moment you click on “Tableau Icon”, a new Popup will open which contains a connector URL.

Copy the highlighted URL and open the web Connector API.

Paste the Copied URL and Press Enter. Now your Tableau is connected to the given dataset.

Step 2:

Drag Category and Sub-category from your product hierarchy to your row shelf and Measure Value (Sales) on the column Sales. Then Right aligned each member in the hierarchy.

Step 3:

Drag another copy of Measure Value on the Column shelf. We will be using at the time of dual axis with the filled circles and line.

As per the requirement, we need a connecting line within the member of the hierarchy. This could be achieved easily if you drag a “Region” dimension on top of your Path Shelf. Increase the thickness of the “lines” by increasing the size marks.



















we also need a connecting line going from the region with the lowest value in a member of the hierarchy to the highest level. We just need to sort each level in the hierarchy descending by sum of sales as per the below image.

Step 4:

Drag Segment on the Filter Shelf. Once the view is ready, just add a horizontal shading by using the row banding as per the below image.
















Also assign a “Hue Circle” palette to the region that comes with Tableau.

Your Final image will look like the below image.


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